Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocity Information for Alumni and Students of Other Academic Institutions 

The Mansfield University Career Center offers reasonable use of its services to graduates from other institutions on a reciprocal basis. Although several of our products and services are limited to our current students and alumni, there are many services that are available to graduates of other universities.

Reciprocity Policy: Complete Policy on Reciprocity, including procedures for gaining approval to use services.

Questions may be directed to Nichole Lefelhoc, Career Center Director, 570-662-4133 or

Reciprocity Information for Mansfield University Students and Alumni 

To assist you in your job search in other geographic areas of the country, we will, at your written request, send a letter to the Director of the Career Center of a university in the area in which you wish to relocate. A copy of the letter will be sent or given to you so you can present it to the staff member overseeing the Reciprocity Program at the institution you have targeted. Be aware that some universities charge a nominal fee for reciprocal services and can deny these services at any time.