Virtually every survey of employers demonstrates one truth:

Students with internship or practicum experience as part of their undergraduate career are more likely to receive job offers, and at a higher salary rate than those students who do not have any experiential education.

Internships and practicums help you gain real world experience in a field related to your academic major, and they also give you contacts for your professional goals.

Internships and practicums take several shapes and forms: they may be paid or not; some are part-time, others are full-time (these are usually called cooperative experiences).

At Mansfield University, if you are enrolled in an academic program that requires you to complete an internship/practicum, you must work with your academic advisor to arrange for your internship/practicum.

The Career Center can help you to locate potential internship/practicum opportunities, help you prepare your application (resume, cover letter, essays, etc), and can get you ready for the interview.

Internship/Practicum Forms:

Before you can register for a for-credit internship/practicum, you must complete the internship form, available on the Student Registration and Financial Services Website.

Internship/Practicum Search Resources:

·Internship/Practicum Search Websites

Employer Information:

Interested in developing an internship? Visit our Employer Page for more information and resources.