ExCEL Career Plan

ExCEL Career Plan

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  • Develop a relationship and maintain open communication with your advisor to discuss potential career goals.
  • Dedicate yourself to doing well academically - go to class and participate, develop good study skills, and take advantage of campus resources that can help you.
  • Visit the Career Center (Ground Floor, Alumni Hall). Find us on social media (Instagram | Facebook | Twitter)
  • Register with FOCUS, an online career exploration system, to identify your personal strengths, needs, preferences, and skills related to career options. (Access Code: mounties)
  • Log in to the Mountie Career Connection to complete your profile, learn about upcoming events, and conduct career and employer research.
  • Join a student club or organization to build interpersonal skills and make new contacts.
  • Attend at least one workshop or career-related program. See University Calendar.


  • Work closely with your acadmic advisor to identify elective courses that complement your career and academic goals.
  • Consider a minor to complement your major and career goals.
  • Discover options for studying abroad or interning your junior or senior years.
  • Write a resume using the Career Center's tip sheets and website. Have the draft critiqued by Career Center staff.
  • Use FOCUS, the online career guidance program, to help you plan your career steps.
  • Log in to the Mountie Career Connection, Mansfield University's job and internship database to begin searching the available jobs and employers in your field of interest.
  • Take a leadership position with a student club or organization.
  • Get involved with community service, preferably related to your career interests.
  • Collect examples of work you do (projects, papers, presentations).
  • Set up your profile on LinkedIn to develop your electronic network and personal brand.
  • Job shadow or conduct informational interviews with professionals working in careers or fields of interest.
  • Attend three (or more) career-related events.


  • Meet with your advisor and/or the Career Center to discuss different internships, graduate schools, or jobs.
  • Refine your resume and learn how to write a cover letter.
  • Serve an internship, externship, or relevant part-time job to gain hands-on professional experience (Mountie Career Connection).
  • Manage a major project within your student club/organization.
  • Join a professional organization affiliated with your career interests.
  • Thinking about graduate school starts here—Learn about graduate school entrance exams and use the grad school guide.


  • Meet with your advisor to develop action steps for pursuing professional employment or graduate study.
  • Write specialized resumes and cover letters.
  • Complete an internship (or your second) to gain professional experience.
  • Participate in a virtual mock interview offered through the Mountie Career Connection to develop interview skills.
  • Identify and research potential employers and establish contacts in your chosen field.
  • Attend Job Fairs and professional conferences to network with professionals and potential employers.
  • Ask references for letters of recommendation.