Resume/Cover Letter Writing

Resume/Cover Letter Writing


A resume details your professional preparation and background as they relate to your current career objective. It should be easy to read and a potential employer should be able to quickly identify your strengths and abilities. No resume lands you the job, but a good resume convinces an employer you are worth the time to interview.

Resume & Cover Letter Handbook - your guide for creating the first draft of your resume.
Resume Worksheet - a fill-in the blank form to get all your information in one place.
Example Action Verbs - action verbs to get you started

Cover Letters

Some job announcements will require a cover letter (also sometimes called an inquiry, interest, or introduction letter). Your cover letter is the “teaser” that will invite the reader to study your resume more closely.

Cover letters are useful for several reasons:

  • They help specify which job you’re applying for.
  • They provide a quick (short) introduction to your main skills.
  • They can show you’ve done some research into the company.
  • They can express a sense of your personality that can’t be done with just a resume.

Resume and Cover Letter Handbook- your guide for creating cover letters that get you noticed.
Cover Letter Tutorial - includes information on cover letter format and content.

More Helpful Resources - Cover letters

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