On Campus Recruiting

On Campus Recruiting

Throughout the year Mansfield University's Career Center hosts employers who conduct on-campus recruiting.

These employers represent a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, business, health, education and technology.

Some companies offer information sessions, which are general meetings open to interested students to learn about the organization - its history, products or services, business plan, current employment options, etc. Company representatives make the presentations and usually hold a question and answer session as well.

Some companies hold interviews, which are held by appointment only. The dates of the visits are posted on the Career Center calendar. To schedule an interview appointment log into the Mountie Career Connection

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You should prepare yourself for an on-campus interview just as you would if it were taking place at the company's office. Dress right; prepare your answers; have extra copies of your resume; research the company. This is a real interview.

Visit the link on interviewing for more help.

Another option is for you to attend job fairs (also called careers days, festivals, expos). As a Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education student, you are welcome to attend PASSHE job fairs at other PASSHE campuses. When you attend a job fair, always:

  • Dress as if you expect to be interviewed on the spot. This does happen.
  • Bring at least 20 copies of your resume, with references attached. Employers at job fairs collect resumes to be reviewed later.
  • The hosting college should provide a directory of participating employers at the door. Use it.
  • Be strategic. Find out which employers are looking for your major and go to them first.
  • Be personable. Recruiters at job fairs meet hundreds of people a day. You need to stand out and be memorable (in a good way). Don't just present your resume and explain what you're looking for---everyone else is doing exactly that. Figure out a way to make yourself distinct from everyone else stopping by that recruiter's table.
  • Be patient. Large job fairs mean standing in line for a long time.


State Farm On-Campus Recruiting Schedule of Events: October 6-9, 2014