Job Searching

Job Searching

Job Search Strategies:

Finding a job is a job… start off on the right foot, by devising a plan, using the Job Search Plan.

It's very important to keep track of where you've applied and where you are along the application process. A helpful tool can sometimes be a job search log.

Career Center:

Job postings, employer interview days, access to regional colleges’ career events...start with us! (Mountie Career Connection)


Family, friends, classmates, faculty, staff, former bosses. Tell people you are looking; ask them for leads about jobs. Networking is the #1 way people get hired. There is NO OTHER METHOD MORE EFFECTIVE THAN NETWORKING!

Professional Organizations/Licensing Agencies:

Similar to networking, but with a professional focus. People who belong to these organizations are very active within their profession. In addition, many of these groups host their own job posting boards.

Employment Agencies:

You might also consider applying to work for an employment company, which then tries to place you with their client companies. You can experience a lot of temp work, but it’s a good way to broaden your network, sharpen your skills and learn new ones. You can find a recruiting company in your area by simply conducting an online search.

Online Job Search Databases:

Questionable Hiring Practices of Some Companies:

If you are seeking an internship or job, please be aware of companies that have questionable interviewing practices (such as asking you to pay fees before you are hired), or who do not clearly state what you will be doing in the job.

The best way to avoid questionable companies is doing your research! Following are some websites where you can see if there have been negative reports about a company and websites with tips on how to conduct company research:


For information on internships visit our Internship Page.