Tips for Parents

As a parent or family member, you play an integral role in facilitating the career development process of your student. Family support and involvement are essential factors in helping students achieve their academic and career goals. Their future will be formed through self-discovery, exploration, and a series of important questions.

Parents/Family FAQ's

Who should use the Career Center?

ALL students - from their first through their senior year and beyond - can benefit from our partnership and resources.

How do students get started?

Visit the Career Center on the ground floor of Alumni Hall, call us at 570-662-4133, or send us an email at Appointments can be scheduled via Handshake, our career management portal. Students log in using their single sign-on Mansfield email and password.

How can Mansfield University help my student choose a major?

The Career Center can work with your student to help them choose an academic major that is compatible with their individual values, interests, personality, and skills. This may include helping the student choose a major specific to career goals that are already quite clear. Or, it may include assisting the student in choosing a major based on individual interests and identifying career options is a second step.

When should students start using the Career Center?

The Career Center is open and available for students as soon as they confirm attendance and continues through as an alumnus. It is not advisable for any student to wait until the final year to utilize the Career Center. In order to make maximum use of our resources and expertise, we welcome students to engage with us multiple times throughout their college career.

How can my student get practical hands-on experience?

There are several ways that students can gain experience related to their academic and career goals. Examples include participation in student organizations and activities on campus, volunteering and community service, academic research, paid and unpaid internships, and attending professional conferences. The Career Center can specifically assist students in identifying internship opportunities through Handshake and career coaching sessions.

My student came to Mansfield University to pursue a specific major. What if they don't like it?

Some students come to the University expecting to complete a major in a particular area, yet they change their major at least once while they are here. Remember that they are being exposed to many options and choices during their education. We encourage students to make choices based on research, information, and knowledge about themselves and the areas in which they have an interest. The Career Center works with students to help them explore different options. The Career Center offers assessments, career coaching sessions, and online resources that can help students define their career direction.